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API documentation

Welcome to the Serenicity API. We hope you will find what you're looking for in here. In case you don't, feel free to contact us through email or chat!

How to use the API?

The first step is to get your API Secret Key. To do so, head to the My Account page. You can access it using the top-right menu.
Your API Secret Key should be passed as an HTTP header named Authorization and be prefixed with Api-Key.
Api-Key 43262B49-C112-45C4-A2A8-F2BF50104T3C
Here is the base URL for every request to the API.
If you want to make a call to the API using the curl command, the request would look like this:
curl "https://api.control.serenicity.fr/api/v1/sensors" \
-H "Authorization: Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"


You have a quota of requests per month, if you exceed this quota you will have to pay for to the next plan by contacting your sales representative.
To avoid abuse, the number of requests is limited to a maximum of 100 per minute.
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